domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015

8 November Next Week Chart Watchlist

  • Gold Looks still holding 2 relevant support levels, one is the main trendline support and the second is the psychological 1000 level.

  • USDX Just Broke resistance and is poised for more gains.

  • EURUSD Closed in the middle of nowhere and next support is at 1.05

  • AUDUSD Still inside a channel, must break below 0.7 for lower targets.

  • Pound did all it could do but it didnt break 1.55 but it looked like the wedge was going to work, now we-re looking back at support at 1.50 really really fast.

  • USDJPY rising channel is still intact, must make a significantly higher move above in order to remain a strong pattern.

  • On Equities the most interesting pattern is from the DAX, I think fundamentally it could break higher above the trendline but lets see how it reacts next week.

domingo, 25 de octubre de 2015

Start of the Week Watchlist Charts

  • NZD Could go for the daily bear trendline

  • AUDUSD Under consolidation channel

  • USDCAD bounced before testing the rising trendline

  • GBPUSD We-re still under a bullish wedge

  • DAX 200DSMA 11k and bear trendline could provide some resistance

  • USDJPY is bouncing from rising trendline.

  • USOil we-re back on consolidation

  • EURUSD we just broke the rising channel

  • Nikkei we just broke the falling channel

  • Gold is inside a channel inside another channel

  • EURJPY We just broke the triangle.

miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015

21/Oct Trading Charts Watchlist

  • Daily Charts
    • NZDUSD Trendline

    • USDCAD Trendline 

    • GBPUSD Bullish Wedge

    • USDJPY Trendline Bounce

    • Crude Oil Massive Wedge Break

    • USDX Triangle Bounce

    • Nikkei Channel/Flag?

    • EURJPY Triangle Break Inbound

  • H4 Charts

    • SP500 Channel

    • NASDAQ - Wedge or Channel?

martes, 20 de octubre de 2015

Small note on keeping charts clean and up to date.

As my adventure to automated trading ended or at least got paused, and I decided to go for what has worked for me in the past and get rid of the mechanical, non-flexible setups and 'stupid' trades, finding myself looking a lot of charts on different timeframes looking for patterns, it could get messy if there is not any kind of organization involved. One of the ugliest things on a chart can be tons of trendlines that are no longer relevant (as you can see, I'm a trendline freak), well take a look at this simple method:

As you can see there are tons of trendlines and channels that do not work now, I like to see in the past what has worked and what hasn't, and this is a good example, those are trendlines I placed during live conditions, when they break, I change their opacity and move on with what's currently working, for example the latest trendline is being broken and we could say its no longer valid, but for reference I would like to know in the future if my approach was useful or not.

I've missed a couple good moves on Crude Oil, but overall I'm positive and I'm gonna keep looking charts this way and longer timeframes as well.

20/Oct Watchlist

  • NZDUSD Is about to reach its daily trendline and 200DSMA at around 0.7

  • Gold Broke a wedge in m15 and could go higher to the top of D1 Channel.

  • USDX with bullish bias after testing lower trendline on D1, currently on a short term channel  (m15).

  • USOil with bullish bias after breaking trendline of a masive bullish wedge.

domingo, 11 de octubre de 2015

11/Oct/15 Start of the Week Charts

  • EURUSD - Broke H4 Triangle, still inside Daily Channel

  • GBPUSD - Inside Falling Wedge

Price broke last friday the 200D SMA.

While on short term it may be sustained by a rising trendline.

  • USDJPY - Trendline still untouched

While on H4 we can see consolidation has extended and theres no bull or bear bias for the moment.

  • AUDUSD - Channel Top Tested

  • NZDUSD -Targeting 200DMA and Bearish Trendline

While on H4 we mantain bullish momentum above recent trendlina.

  • USDCAD - Waiting for the best Setup

Theres a large rising trendline in wich a potential long may pay big.

  • USDX - Will Triangle Break?

In case it does it must break several support zones to make a significant bear move, but fundamentally a sharp decrease is not likely.

  • SP500 - Above The Channel

  • Dow - Make it or Break it

  • NASDAQ - Rising Channel & Ugly Triangle

  • Nikkei - Further Gains?

  • DAX - Still Some Bull Room Left and Then a Bigger One

We're far from bull or bear calls here, the major uptrend held while on the short term there are to bearish trendlines to be broken-tested.

  • FTSE - Way too Steep

A correction here is likely, but this patterns repeats similar on all major stock indexes.

  • Crude Oil - Breaking the Trendline, 200DSMA Next

Still considering this a test and not a break, not bullish or bearish for the week.

  • Gold - 1st Breakout was Fake, what about this one?

First fake break was to the downside, a retest to the upper trendline and a new high should make it clear we're on a break.