viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Thoughts about my biggest winner

Yesterday I held one of the most meaningful trades ever, a whole 7.5% shorting the Aussie, risking only 1.4%, I had experienced a bunch of losses proper to whipsaws, This year I've definitively decided to become a trend follower and accept the bad part of it, but I still had the hope to avoid so much stupid trades as the consequence of using this method, my strategy was simple, to use patterns and trendlines to get out of those choppy, loser moments.

Thoughts I had holding this trade:
-I better don't join this one... (missed my prefered entry for about 5 pips)
-OMG... it's down too much, I should close (not even half the drop).
-My biggest winner so far,I should close it (it tripled my biggest winner)
-The reversal will be painful (there wasn't such thing)

Thoughts I had after this trade:
-That was quite hard
-Here it comes consolidation again.
-Since this moment most signals will be losers (consolidation), I won't take em (and I was right).

I still think I have to get a lot more confident and mature during this moments, it's quite a pressure to handle, losings streaks are even easier because somehow you know the big one is coming, but one you have the losses and the big one has all those profits in play you get really nervous, as I said, I still have to be cool about this.

How are you feeling now?

Not that good, I feel like I don't want to trade for a couple of days, and I don't know why really, I consider I missed the pullback after Stevens comments, but I told to myself something like: Ah!... I want to take a break from risking money for a moment.

So what if I make a million... take a break for a year!? So weird!
Someone has any advice, I would appreciate it! =)

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